A 5 Day Online Workshop

20-24 January 2020

A 5 day online painting workshop to get your portrait skills into gear!

Hosted within The Art Cafe, in a private side room, let’s get together for 5 days and paint a portrait!

Every morning I will share a short video (around 15mins) in the group, showing the progress of a portrait painting in pastel and explaining the steps needed. You can then follow along in your own painting. 

There will be daily constructive feedback on your work.

This Workshop is
 in Membership to
Sophie’s Art School

When and Where

20-24 January 2020

Online via Sophie’s Art School and The Art Cafe


The workshop wil be active from Monday to Friday. After that the group will stay open for one week and it will be removed on 31 January 2020.  So if you get a little bit behind, that’s fine; you have a week to catch up. 

The video lessons will be available to watch in the Workshop Archive at any time after the workshop.


(Sunday: welcome, reference photos)
Monday: Setup and underpainting
Tuesday: Colour Block-in
Wednesday: Refining of big shapes
Thursday: Details
Friday: Finish

Reference Photos

I will provide some reference photos for you to work from, including the one I am working from (so you can paint along if you like). Feel free to use your own reference material. 


A heavy weight sanded pastel paper that can take a number of layers such as Art Spectrum Colourfix, Canson Mi-Teintes Touch, Uart, Pastelmat, Sennelier LaCarte, Pastelbord, etc. 
Any soft pastels of your choosing. Pastel pencils welcome too.

Have fun

It’s not about existing skills, it’s about the joy of learning together! So ‘how good’ you are is totally not important. 

How does a Workshop differ from a course?

A course has a curriculum and pre-made lessons. A workshop does not have a curriculum and is mostly about doing something together, at the same time, under the (hopefully) helpful guidance of me and your fellow students. It is great to see everyone’s progress pictures without feeling embarrassed about yours. Together we’ll get there! Workshops are held in ‘studios’ in The Art Cafe. More info here.

Is it live?

The videos are pre-recorded so you don’t have to be online every morning to watch them. You can watch the lessons at any time during the workshop.
This workshop has run before.