Where to Start


Where to Get Started?


Pastel Fan?

Take a look at The Pastel Place course; an in-depth but fun pastel painting course that covers everything from mark making to framing.
If you’d rather start a bit smaller, then why not check out the mini course Colour Mixing in Pastel.
There are also regular monthly workshops that cover pastel painting. 


Join a workshop for hands-on personal support within an online class setting. Or visit the Members Corner in The Art Cafe. Here you will receive personal support though art work feedback, journaling, and a private community.

In Need of Personal Coaching?


Looking for a Friendly Community?

Join the free and public Art Cafe for lots of friendly support, monthly challenges and plenty of like-minded people!

Into Oils?

Check out the Painting Drapery course for a real-time painting demonstration, or join one of the monthly workshops for hands-on support in a week-long painting session. I am working on a new portrait painting course (stay tuned)!



Join the regular workshops where portraiture often features as a subject matter. Or try out the new Classical Portrait Drawing course to fine tune your proportions and likeness.
Become a better pastel painter all round (including lots of portraiture!) in The Pastel Place course.

The Paint box is full of goodies: short tutorials, check lists, articles and interviews.
Our monthly workshops are a great place to try your hand at something different every time. In a friendly class setup we work though the steps of creating a painting over 5 days. 

Prefer A Bit Of Variety?