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What is the Art Cafe?

The Art Cafe is our online forum for art school members. Hobbyists and professionals are welcome. You need an account to post and reply. 

I want to share one of my paintings for feedback

Head over to our Facebook Group and post your work there and ask for feedback from fellow artists.  If you are after an in-depth critique of your work by Sophie, then please join the Art School.

Why would I want to become a member of Sophie’s Art School?

Well, it’s your call of course. But as a member you get your own art family: In the Members Corner you can ask questions and get in-depth feedback on your work. You can write in your Art Journal while Sophie and your fellow members encourage and support you in your journey. You will have access to all courses and workshops, the resource library (Paint Box) and be part of a great community.
It does not matter whether you want to grow into a professional artist, or are happy to paint as a hobby, or whether you are a professional artist already; whether you are a student, retired, or busy working. Everyone is welcome and we will support you wherever your journey takes you. We all want to improve our art, yet never forget the enjoyment we get from it. 

Is there a materials list?

I do not prescribe a specific set of materials in my courses. I believe that you should use what suits you best. There is no point in literally copying someone else's favourite colours and brushes. Most courses and workshops will have some notes on the materials required though. If you have any questions about the materials needed for a course, or you are just not sure what to get, just let me know and I’ll give you some suggestions.

What can I learn?

Sophie teaches courses and workshops in pastel and oil painting. The focus lies on still life and portraiture but we regularly take virtual outings in our monthly workshops where we have tackled landscape, floral art, pet portraits and so much more. Sophie aims to teach the fundamentals of painting and drawing; techniques that you can use in painting any subject matter. We focus on a 5-step method: underpainting, block-in, form, details and finish, in everything we paint.