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What can I learn?

I teach courses and workshops in pastel and oil painting. The focus lies on still life and portraiture but we regularly take virtual outings in our workshops where we have tackled landscape, florals, pet portraits and so much more. I aim to teach the fundamentals of painting and drawing; techniques that you can use in painting any subject matter. We focus on a 5-step method: underpainting, block-in, form, details and finish, in everything we paint. 

Is it all online?

Yes, the whole art school is online. All lessons and tutorials are video or text lessons. You can take any of the lessons whenever you want, in your own time, from your own home and go through courses at your own pace. Students come from all over the world. 

I work in acrylics, can I still join?

Many of the students work in acrylics and we welcome all materials in the school. I teach the fundamentals of painting (form, shape, colour, etc) which can be applied to all art materials. Do note, however, that the learning materials are aimed and made with oils or pastel. So if you prefer to work in another medium, you might need to adjust some of the advice. 

What kind of pastels do you teach with?

We work with soft pastels (the chalky, dusty type) in the art school.  There are no lessons for oil pastels, but do note that many courses and lessons are full of fundamental painting tips that apply to all art materials. 

I don’t paint in a realistic style, can I still join?

I teach what I know, which is ‘figurative art’ (that means it is not abstract). So I don’t teach abstract art. But most styles of art benefit from a thorough grounding in the fundamentals of painting and drawing. Those fundamentals are what I teach: form, shape, colour, values. Being able to depict object and figures in a realistic manner will help anyone wanting to work more impressionist or expressionistic. Learning about value, form and colour will be useful for anyone wanting to explore abstract art as well. Many of my students have a different style than me. 

What is the Art Cafe?

The Art Cafe is our private online forum for art school members. Hobbyists and professionals are welcome. The Art Cafe is only accessible to registered students. 

I want to share one of my paintings for feedback

If you're not a member of the art school, then join and post your work in our private community. Your fellow students will be more than happy to see your work and help out. 

Is there a materials list?

I do not prescribe a specific set of materials in my courses. I believe that you should use what suits you best. There is no point in literally copying someone else's favourite colours and brushes. Most courses and workshops will have some notes on the materials required though. If you have any questions about the materials needed for a course, or you are just not sure what to get, just let me know and I’ll give you some suggestions.

My English is not great, can I still join?

All material in the art school is in English. The community also is in English. Students come from all over the world and for some English is not their first language. We do our best to help out if possible. Obviously I can answer any questions in Dutch as well as English, but do note that all teaching is in English.