Members FAQ

Where can I find the current workshop?

A link to the current workshop is always right at the top of your Dashboard. You can also go to the Workshops page and find it at the top there. Just  click ‘enter’ or ‘join’ and you’re on the workshop page. You will find the daily lessons in the right sidebar. If you arrive on Monday, you will only see the Monday lesson there.  Do unlock the Workshop forum Studio via the key button so you will be able to post your work, get notifications, etc. 

How do I access a course community (Studio)?

All course communities live within The Art Cafe, in separate sections called Studios. You will find the direct link (key button) under each lesson inside a course. The lessons usually invite you to post your assignments or questions and give you a link to the community Studio. 

Help! I cannot access my course

If you are a member or have purchased a course and you cannot get access to it, please try the following steps: Double check you are logged in. Clear your cache. Allow cookies so the system can remember you. Refresh the page (perhaps a few times). If you still cannot access your content, do contact Sophie. 

I cannot login!

Double check your password and username. Make sure you are not accidentally using your login detail for The Art Cafe. You can click ‘forgot my password’ to reset your password. If all fails, just contact Sophie who can reset your password for the Art School for you, after which you can change it to anything you want. Do note that you need a separate account for The Art Cafe, which is on a separate web site. 

How do I cancel my membership?

I am sorry to see you leave, but cancelling is really easy. Just go to 'My Account' (top right) and then click 'Account' and ‘Subscriptions’. Click Cancel, and you’re all done. 

How do I post my course assignment in the forum?

Underneath every lesson, you will find the direct link (key button), which will take you straight to the community Studio. Click the key button and you'll be in the right place to post your work!

How do I get feedback on my work?

Post your work in The Art Cafe (and use the appropriate topic) and ASK for feedback. Tell us a little about the work (size, material, problems, inspiration, goals etc) and simply state you’d like some feedback. For more info on how to get feedback see this post in the Cafe. 

Course and workshop assignments should be posted inside the private course/workshop forums where Sophie and your  fellow students will provide encouragement and feedback. Just follow the link underneath each lesson to go straight there. 

How do I post in the Cafe?

Please check out the help videos on the support page, you can also find them in The Cafe here

Can you offer a critique of my work?

I prefer to offer ‘feedback’ based on what you post and where you are in your journey. If you would like feedback, please ask for it and provide some extra information about the piece you are posting (size, material, support, inspiration, goals, problems etc). Please see this post about how to ask for feedback.

When you ask for feedback all students are welcome to give constructive ideas for improvement, their thoughts and ideas about the piece. At all times feedback has to remain constructive, supportive and friendly.  

For more info about why I don’t provide traditional critiques, please see this article here

Can you create a course about ... ?

If you have a good idea for a workshop or a course, please just let me know, as I always love to hear suggestions. Feel free to post your idea in The Art Cafe, email me or send me a direct message.  Of course I cannot promise I will make the course, but I will certainly take ideas on board. 

I don’t know where to start!

Take your time to look around the Art School. You don’t have to do all courses and tutorials at the same time! Have a look around and make yourself familiar with what is available and where everything is. Say hello in The Art Cafe community and settle in. The main areas in the school are:

  •  The Art Cafe (community forum)
  • The Paint Box (short tutorials and articles) 
  • Workshops (upcoming) and Workshop Library (archived workshops) 
  • Courses (video courses).  

Browse around and pick what you want to do first. You can also take a look at the Roadmaps, which will help you create a path through the school, going through most of the learning material available. 

I feel intimidated by all the great art in the Art Cafe

Please don’t feel intimidated. Everyone was a beginner once! It really does not matter how ‘good’ you are, only that we all love creating art. The students in The Art Cafe are here to improve and learn just like you. They might have been painting and drawing for decades so it might not be fair to compare your work to theirs. They and I are more than happy to support and help you in your own creative journey. They are a friendly bunch and will only cheer you on, I promise!  And don’t forget.... there might be others who feel the same as you. And if they see you post your work, they might feel a little less shy about posting their work too... and before you know it.... 

If your question is not listed here, please simply ask Sophie!