Roadmap Pastel


The Roadmap for everything pastel! This roadmap is your best choice if you want to explore almost everything in the Art School that is pastel related. If you want a more structured curriculum for newbies or for more advanced pastelists, check out the other Roadmaps available. Follow this roadmap and you’ll come out a pastel expert (well, sort of)!  Every course you finished will be ticked off automatically, so you can easily see what your next step will be. Enjoy!


We do regular workshops here in the Art School and very often they involve pastel. Keep an eye on the workshop schedule to see when the next one is due. In the mean time, check out some of the workshops from the Workshop Archive:

Pick and Choose

After you have finished The Pastel Place you can browse, pick and choose from various short tutorials and articles about pastel. Below are just a few suggestions. You can find more inside The Paint Box and in the Shorts.

You are now a pastel master! Share your experience and knowledge in the Cafe, help out some newbies, and let us enjoy seeing you continue your own journey….