Painting Drapery

(and a glass)

A Still Life Painting Demonstration in Real Time

An 8 Hour Painting Demonstration

Extra Tutorials On Technique And Materials

Watch Over My Shoulder While I Paint A Still Life Without Using Any Mediums

Included in Art School Membership

Watch The Whole Process In Real Time


“[ The course is] excellent so far. Really like the subtitles indicating the colours used . Learnt more about how to apply thinly by stumbling the paint layer by layer without losing the underpainting colours. ”

A Happy Student

“It really is fascinating, and so instructive, to watch a painting grow from the first few searching brushstrokes through to the final refining touches. I can't recommend it highly enough.”

A Happy Student

“I just finished watching your video demonstration and I thought it was excellent. I also enjoy following your blog posts. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and expertise in such inspiring ways. And thank you for inviting us into your studio with this video.”

A Happy Student

“I feel so much more confident with oils now, it's opened up a whole new world!”

A Happy Student

No time lapse: all in real time.
8 hours of video content

Extra articles on colour, brushes, and some thoughts on shapes, materials list and more

Find out how I work without using ANY mediums or solvents

Course Layout

1. Welcome

A short intro about the course

2. Introduction

Explanation on how the course works, paints used, lighting and still life setup

3. Placement

First marks on the canvas and how to beat the blank canvas

4. Colour

Introduction on how I work with colour.  Adding colour to the still life. Some thoughts on colour

5. Form and Shape

Introduction on how to see form and shapes. Working towards smaller shapes

6. Towards Fine Detail

Introduction and demonstration on how I work towards smaller and smaller detail in my painting
Article on brushes

7. Details

Finest details

8. Finishing Touches

Showing how to finish a painting

9. Signing, Varnishing and Framing

Showing how to sign, varnish and frame

10. Thank you

Some final thoughts


Is this a course or a demonstration?

This is a painting demonstration with commentary, introductions and structured topic discussions. So perhaps an ‘educational demonstration’ ?

Do you offer personal tuition with the course?

The course is part of Sophie’s Art School, which has its own private community where you can post your questions, comments and of course your own work for feedback and support.


How long do I have access to the course?

The course is part of a membership to Sophie's Art School so you will have access for as long as your membership runs. As long as you are member, you can watch, rewind, watch again, fast forward, pause and play as much as you like.

How long is this course?

There is a  total of 8 hours of video + additional articles.


Can I turn the music off?

In each video two asterisks ** will appear whenever a voice-over starts or ends. When you see the asterisks you can mute or unmute the video and so only hear the voice over and keep the rest of the videos quiet.

Is there a commentary throughout?

Almost every section has a short introduction in which I explain what I am going to do in the next part. During the demo videos I talk now and then but there are many hours of just quiet music (which you can mute if you prefer). 

Can we interact with other students?

Yes! The course is connected to its own private community where all students can post questions, comments and work. Don’t be shy, come say hello!