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"I was amazed at how much I managed to achieve following Sophie's method over the course of this workshop. The portrait built steadily day by day, helped at every stage by advice, encouragement and feedback from Sophie and from other participants. I learned a lot and produced a portrait to be proud of. Highly recommended!"


Sophie's Art School


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helping painters learn an easy strategy to become more confident artists 


My Commitment to You

  • At Sophie's Art School I will teach you the tools of the trade so you can free up your own creativity.
  • I will teach fundamental painting principles and encourage you to use it in your own voice.
  • I will always aim for simplicity, safety and quality in materials.
  • I celebrate the variety in style, technique and philosophy in the art world, and respect and welcome different approaches.
  • I am no grand master but I will share what I have learned and what I am still learning today.
  • I will adjust my support to your level of painting and provide feedback that moves you forward.
  • I take a practical approach to creating art; taking learning seriously while having lots of fun. 

Payment & Cancellation

Payment is via Paypal or credit card. You will have access to the Art School for as long as your membership runs. You can cancel at any time, at which point you will lose access to the school.

Your bank will automatically convert the fee into your own currency. Conversion fees might apply, please check with your bank.