Workshop Dressed Figure

Today is the last day of our workshop! So today we are going to finish our painting. This is always an exciting stage.

So today I want to tidy up things: tidy up any areas that look sloppy and unfinished.

I also want to fix any mistakes I can still see.

And refine areas that I want to be detailed and refined.

I will look at edges: find some edges that can be softened (by blurring or by reducing the value or colour contrast) or edges that can be hardened: enhance the contrast (through colour or value or both).

Step back a lot and see whether the painting works by itself (without the reference photo)

Make sure the background is a proper part of the painting and not just an after-thought.

Go round and round your painting until you run out of things to do!

Be proud, and share your work in The Cafe! We all love to see what you did.

I hope you enjoyed this workshop and learned a little bit along the way. Thanks so much for taking part!

Lessons in this Course: