Workshop: Pets in Pastel. 5 Day Online Painting Class

18-22 November 2019
A 5-day course where we all work together on a painting as a class. Daily video tuition and daily support and feedback on your work, all in a friendly private community. Super fun! All levels welcome.

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Workshop: Portrait in Pastel. 5 Day Online Class

20-24 January 2020
Five days of daily video tuition, support and encouragement. We start with the underpainting on Monday, a block-in on Tuesday and towards refinement and detail on Friday. Join in and enjoy a private supportive class for a week of pastel painting! All levels welcome.

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Classical Portrait Drawing. Get Those Proportions Right Every Time!

Get those proportions right every time! Take this course to learn a super useful painting and drawing technique based on classical drawing techniques. It will help you to get proportions right in portraiture, still life, figure painting and more. Follow along while I show you how it works in a portrait in graphite. Try it yourself and get personal feedback and support. All levels welcome.

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The Pastel Place. Take a Deep Dive into Pastel

Take a deep dive into pastel! The perfect course for all who want to deepen their pastel skills. Suitable for absolute beginners as well as more advanced pastel painters. Learn everything there is to know about soft pastel: from papers to pastel types, mark making and art history. Painting fundamentals such as colour theory, values and edges are also explored in-depth. A unique and fun course that takes you inside pastel painting - almost literally.

From a happy student: "This is the most unique online art course I have taken. The setup is unique and the contents takes a pastel newbie from pastel and paper types through mark making and beyond. Also Sophie is there every step of the way and I think that she is the most valuable resource in the course.”

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Painting Drapery: An 8 Hour Oil Painting Demonstration

Painting Drapery is an oil painting demonstration in real time. Over the course of 8 hours your can watch me make the very first marks, develop the shape, form and colour of the painting and finish off with my signature and a frame. Watch the painting demonstration in your own time, at your own pace and as often as you like! There are additional articles about materials and technique. Be a fly on the wall in my studio!

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Colour Mixing in Pastel

A quick and short mini-course teaching how to mix colours in soft pastel. Do you really need a gazillion colours to paint in soft pastel? No, you don’t. You can mix your colours on your paper by layering and blending. Find out how in this short course. For beginners.

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