More Information on Courses and Workshops


Online Workshops

A photo of a workshop in my kitchen. In our online workshop we hope to re-create real-life workshops on the internet, accessible to anybody, at any time, from any place.

Workshops at Sophie’s Art School are 5 day painting courses at fixed dates. The whole class will start and finish on the same day. Everyone will be working on the same assignment and taking the same steps. There is a daily tuition video and tutor support.

Painting topics are broken down into daily stages, which every student can follow in their own home. As a group we can support and encourage each other. Where else online would you get daily tutor and class support?

The Art Cafe is our public online forum or community (whatever you want to call it). Inside this public community there are private areas that are only accessible to those who have the access key. 

These private areas are called ‘Studios’ and this is where you can post your progress, ask questions and see what the others are up to.

The value of a workshop lies in the fact that we are all doing the same thing, at the same time, together, as a group. Just like in a 'real-life' workshop, we can support and encourage each other as we all work through the topic at the same pace.  

Online workshops last for 5 days and the community studio stays open for one week after it ends, at which stages it will be removed.

Online Courses

Courses differ from workshops, as they offer a curriculum of video lessons and assignments, which you can take in your own time and pace. You will have continuous access and can replay the lessons as often as you like. You cannot download the material. You can watch, rewind, start again and fast forward as often as you like.

Courses should be taken in the order they are presented in to get the most out of them. Most courses will have an assignment at the end of every lesson. Often there are PDF guides to support your learning. 

All courses are here on the Art School website. Once you login as a member you can simply access them via your "Dashboard" or via the "Courses" page. 

Every course will have a course community (Studio) connected to it. These Studios are for students to help each other out, ask questions and share assignments. Sophie will be in these communities on a daily basis to lend support and cheer you on. All Studios can be accessed via the course itself. Every lesson will have a unique access key button which will take you to the Studio.

All Studios are private sub forums inside The Art Cafe. The Art Cafe is our free and public community. 

Art School Membership

To get access to all current and future courses and workshops, become a member of Sophie's Art School. For as long as you remain a member you can access all workshops and courses for free.