A Community for Artists

The Hub of Sophie’s Art School

The Art Cafe


A Community for Artists

A place for artists to chat, learn and feel welcome and supported. A place to make friends, share your art, ask your questions, and help others without feeling shy. So, what have you got on your easel today?

This is the school community. Grab a chair, someone should bring you a drink (can’t get the service these days) and join in!

The cafe is the heart of Sophie's art school. There are tables for oil painters, pastel fans, acrylics painters and so much more!

The Art Cafe is only accessible for members of the Art School and offers a range of activities:

Monthly Challenges 
(a theme to work with)

 Question of the week 
(to get you thinking and debating)

Sub-forums for courses and workshops 
(so you can share your assignments with fellow students in the same course)

Art Journalling
(keep track of your goals and progress by writing in your Art Journal regularly)

Feedback on your work
(I and other members are happy to provide constructive feedback on your painting when requested)

(have a question about painting or art - simply ask!)

Happy Hour Chat
(we recently did a group chat which was a great hit)

‘Tables' for various topics
(oils, pastel, acrylics, drawing, art history, etc)

A weekly members’ newsletter with all the latest hot topics in The Cafe!


How Does The Cafe Work?

The Art Cafe is our online community. It is a little bit like an online forum or a Facebook group (but without the ads!). It has a 'feed' on the home page, where you will see the latest posts at the top. 

You can choose to see the forum as a ‘list’ (see image below) or as a ‘feed’ (like a Facebook feed).  You can create posts, give it a ‘topic’ (label or tag) and include images for illustration, feedback etc.  Course forums have their own ‘sub forum’ or ’side room' (we call them Studios) so all posts related to a course are kept together in one place. 

The Art Cafe is (since recently) only accessible and visible for paying students of Sophie’s Art School. 

Join Sophie’s Facebook group if you are not ready to take the plunge and find a warm and supportive community of artists for free!