February 2023:

Looking for a pastel course, I came across Sophie Ploeg's website. The articles, information, blogs and especially Sophie's own works, convinced me very quickly to enroll in the 'Art School'. For the past 6 months you could find me in the 'Pastel Place'. It felt a bit like 'coming home', this was what I really needed. Every lesson was a challenge, there was so much to discover; information about types of paper, types of pastels, techniques, demos and even history of pastel painting. I took my time to make and post all the exercises. The feedback gave me a lot of confidence and challenged me again and again. The last exercise is over and for a moment I feel a bit lost ... not at all necessary, because I can go back as much as I want and in the Art School itself, there are still a lot of courses, workshops and challenges to follow. I'm already looking forward to it.